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- Our Story -

St. Cloud Deli and Catering has a long story of previous owners that have given the Deli a fantastic prestige. Today, the new owners, the Rosas Franco Family, is working diligently to keep that prestige present. Rosas Franco started working in the Deli as a helper, he quickly learned the great cooking secrets of the food, and 9 years later became the new owner, now he prepares delicious Deli subs and also brings new ideas to the menu!
  The primary goal at St. Cloud Deli and Catering, is to serve you with high-quality and mouthwatering American food. Our salads, created daily with passion are sure to please. Experience the splendid atmosphere and join us in West Orange to find out what all the buzz is about, or call (973) 731-1350!
Come here for a nicely cooked salad, breakfast sandwiches and chicken if you are hungry. It might be nice to enjoy great smoothies. The attentive staff reflects the style and character of St. Cloud Deli and Catering. Enjoyable service is something guests like here.
Google gives us 4.5 so you can select this spot to have a good time here.

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